The International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS) will take place from 10-12 December in Cape Town, as a platform for South Africa’s aspirations to build an energy hub for gas cooperation with international partners along the gas value chain.

The Summit will put the objectives of South Africa and the region at the forefront of international gas development, showcasing South Africa as a gas hub. IGCS will outline the next steps of the Gas IPP Programme and the scale of opportunity for investors. This meeting will showcase gas procurement and utilisation strategies, bringing together a global gathering of energy leaders who will enable Southern Africa to achieve its objectives in becoming an energy hub for the region.

The International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS)  collocated  with The Southern Africa Renewable Energy Summit (SARES) ,  will be a platform for South Africa to build an energy hub for the region.



  • The Global Gas Outlook for Africa
  • Modelling a Gas Economy: Case Studies for South Africa
  • Significance of South Africa’s Gas Market in the SADC
  • South Africa’s Gas to Power Programme
  • The Cost of Diving into Downstream
  • The Local Opportunities from South Africa’s Gas Market
  • Accelerating Gas Infrastructure
  • Black Industrialists Programme – Preparing for Success


The next opportunity

As one of Africa's most developed economies, South Africa has a successful track record of initiating an IPP Programme for renewable energy to complement its largely coal-dominated energy mix. 

The introduction of natural gas is a natural progression for the country that could help diversify the energy mix, transform the country’s infrastructure and create jobs. The Industrial Policy Action Plan set out by South Africa’s Department for Trade & Industry (DTI) emphasises the industrial and economic benefits of natural gas, highlighting the development of the gas sector as a critical project.

How can natural gas play a greater role in South Africa’s energy mix?

With investor confidence high and a strong regulatory framework in place, IGCS examined the next steps in South Africa’s journey to becoming a commercial gas hub, exploring where the real opportunities lie for investors and what timelines the Government is working towards.

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