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FOCUSES OF THE international gas cooperation SUMMIT

FOCUSES OF THE international gas cooperation SUMMIT

Under the theme “Providing Direction in Southern Africa’s Gas Market,” the 3rd IGCS offers a unique space for the energy community to receive an update on government’s strategies and investors’ insights on South Africa’s gas economy and regional aspirations for gas market development.

The programme will explore Southern Africa’s gas upstream supply and demand, gas transportation and infrastructures, regulatory issues and investor security. We’ll then go on to outline next steps of the Gas IPP Programme and host an LNG to Power roundtable to explore financing, infrastructures and political security.

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Themes and topics


  •  Africa’s Gas Upstream – Supply and Demand
  • Regional Partnerships - Gas Utilisation and Off-takers
  • Gas Transportation and Infrastructures
  • Policy, Regulation and Security
  • South Africa’s Gas to Power: Where are we? What’s the Future?
  • Gas to Power Roundtable – Part I
  • Gas to Power Roundtable – Part II